17 October 2011

Prince of Persia?

Snobbaz is no longer a part of my life. It's a weird feeling to wake up and not see a text message from someone I thought I was going to share years with. The days are getting better but I hate that I dream only of him and I getting back together. On the bright side, it's been a few weeks since the Persian War and everyday is better and worse for different reasons.

~I am a cute, single girl who can accept random dates from cute men.

~I am a cute, single girl who can accept random dates but have yet to receive any offers from anyone except the decrepit regulars at my bar.

So, in absolute peril of being the Carrie Bradshaw cliche, I have started a blog. Thanks go out to my gorgeous roommate, Missy, for convincing me that my previous post was worthy of being read by the anonymous masses. "Gilted" is an email I wrote to my ex with the pure intention of sitting as a draft in my Gmail. I guess it's not so private anymore.

The hardest part of this breakup is that it's my first heartbreak. How many songs are there about this? How many movies? How many stories? Millions! And yet we all believe it will never happen to us. It's a naive thought, but I was one of those lucky people who'd always had the upper hand in the ending of a relationship. My previous boyfriends were always serious-- well, as serious as one can be in high school and college-- but I'd always known we'd part ways at some point. Unfortunately, they never saw it coming and I was their heart smasher.

And then I met him... and we were wonderful... and everything seemed like it was too good to be true... and yes, it was.

Therefore I am going to begin living for me, and chronicling my journey as a single, twenty-something lady in a time where Axe is considered cologne. If Snobbaz thinks there is a perfect Princess Jasmine out there for him, then why shouldn't I fall in love with Jake Gyllenhaal? I deserve my hairy dreamboat, too.

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